The STAS j-rail max was designed as a no-compromise hanging system to maximize flexibility. Particularly suitable for heavy items such as paintings, and with and additional anti-theft system available, it’s easy to understand why this system has had so much success in galleries and museums all over the world.

The rail is 200 cm per piece. Warning: Product price is only for the rail and installation kit that contains all necessary plugs and screws to mount your rail. The rail is to be used with complementary STAS hooks and chords.

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STAS J-Rail Max
100 kg/m¹

The STAS j-rail max has been designed for heavy paintings. Simple and massively strong. This explains why this system is extensively used in galleries and museums all over the world.

The STAS j-rail max system is used mainly for professional applications. The highly effective, thick-walled aluminium profile is capable of supporting loads of up to no less than 100 kg per linear meter. An additional anti-theft system is available.

The following hooks and rods can be used in combination with this picture hanging system:
For loads up to 40 kg:

  • STAS j-rail max rod 4×4 + hook for 4×4 rod.
  • STAS j-rail max security rod 4×4 + security hook + optional theft delaying STAS j-rail max security cap.

For loads up to 100 kg:

  • STAS j-rail max rod 4×10 + hook for 4×10 rod.




200 cm


100 kg/ m¹

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