STAS cliprail pro is ideal for hanging heavier objects on walls thanks to its thick-walled profile. This rail can carry an amazing 45 kg per linear metre.
Despite its large weight-bearing capacity, the STAS cliprail pro is an elegant, unobtrusive rail that can be used in professional environments as well as in the home.

The rail is 150 cm per piece. Warning: Product price is only for the rail and installation kit that contains screws to mount your rail. The rail is to be used with complementary STAS hooks and chords.

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STAS Cliprail Pro
45 kg/m¹

The STAS cliprail pro system is a hanging system that features a heavy-duty rail for loads of up to 45 kg per linear meter. Even so, the rail design is compact and looks very attractive in living rooms as well as in professional environments.

The thick-walled and massively strong rail makes the STAS cliprail pro system an ideal solution when heavier works of art need to be hung on a system that still looks elegant and attractive. Despite this high bearing capacity, the STAS cliprail pro is an elegant, inconspicuous rail that can be used not only in public spaces, but also in homes. STAS cliprail pro owes its name to the special fastening clip – the STAS rail clip – with which it is easily attached to the wall.

The following products can be used in combination with this picture hanging system:
STAS smartspring on STAS cobra with perlon cord (supports up to 4 kg)
STAS zipper on STAS cobra with perlon cord (supports up to 15 kg)
STAS zipper on STAS cobra with steel cable (supports up to 20 kg)
STAS rail connector
STAS cliprail pro end cap white
STAS cliprail pro corner cap white


Weight 0.363 kg
Dimensions 150 × 1.13 × 2.8 cm





45 kg/m

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