About Us

STAS was founded by the brothers Stas in 1995. With their hands on experience in building and carpentry, and an innate business instinct, they took the market by storm. Since then, STAS has grown into an award-winning and internationally operating cooperation that delivers to home owners, businesses and renowned galleries in over 50 countries.

Our ever growing team of qualified experts is passionately committed to providing high-quality products, personal service, and to share with you the freedom of dynamic wall design.


Our goal is to offer picture hanging systems and services for the broadest range of image presentation requirements. All of our products feature quality components, competitive pricing, and innovative design for fast, easy, and professional hanging of images.


We believe in our products. We believe in service. Therefore, all our products have a 2 year warranty. The warranty is activated on the date of purchase of the end user. When it appears a product is unusable or that its use is greatly reduced due to defects in manufacture or materials, STAS will repair or replace the system without charge (for parts or labor).


Working as an independent handyman in the early nineties, Rien Stas was asked to mount art. He familiarized himself with  existing picture hanging systems and quickly discovered huge potential for improvement. In 1995, with his brother André, Rien founded STAS picture hanging systems.

The innovative STAS products were soon awarded prestigious honors and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, STAS is an internationally operating company that delivers to home owners, businesses and renowned galleries in over 50 countries.


Most of the hanging systems we provide are patented and manufacturer STAS has won many awards with its designs. The STAS range now includes more than 20 patented products.

STAS Products TÜV Certified

STAS strives day after day for products of the highest quality. To guarantee the quality and independence of products, STAS has commissioned TÜV for the testing of its products. TÜV Nederland is an independent and recognized body that assesses the quality of products according to a set standard and has extensive experience in the field of product safety and product inspections. Under the direction of TÜV, a large part of our range of products has been tested for quality and correctness of the specified features. All products where the TÜV logo is shown, have actually been tested by TÜV Nederland and approved for the capacity that is stated in the features of that product.


We strive for the highest level of customer service. Responses to inquiries are timely and accurate. We offer an unconditional guarantee and customer information is kept strictly confidential. We do not sell customer information to third parties.

All financial transactions are processed on SSL secure servers.

In Short: Why STAS?

  • The most innovative manufacturer of high-quality and high-end picture hanging systems.
  • Award-winning patented designs.
  • Almost twenty years of experience delivering to home owners the world over, as well as to the world’s most renowned museums, universities, governmental institutions etc.
  • Continuous expansion of the product range.
  • Excellent customer service and advice.
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